The Heart Of Babylon

You say we fight for freedom

even though you know its a lie

our duffel bags are packed

and we’re heading to Iraq

and theres a good chance

that we’re going to die.

We took off from Atlanta

touched down in Germany

after three days in Kuwait

we finally landed in country.

Its addicting when you’re playing God

and you decide who lives or dies

we’re trained not to see them as human

and we shoot when a mother cries.

Planting bombs along the roadside

after flowers on a grave

sad songs she sings

with broken wings

for three souls she could not save.

She was born under the Ba’athists

and died by the side of the road

she lost a husband and son

then she came undone

when her daughter didn’t make it home.

An empire took her country

a nineteen year old took her life

she had dreams to be a doctor

but war changed the course of her life.

Her husband died at the market

as he was buying a loaf of bread

a suicide bomber came running in

news report said 87 dead.

Her son was on his bicycle

a soldier thought that he had a bomb

all he had was a bag of vegetables

and some flowers for his mom.

Her daughter was run over

she got too close to the truck

our squad leader didn’t report it

all he said was, ‘who goves a fuck’?

The moral of the story

is you and I would have done the same

we’d grab bullets and guns

enlist our daughters and sons,

send the invaders back

to where they came from.

We opened up pandora’s box

things are far worse than they were

but we keep pouring gas on the fire

acting shocked when the worst occurs.

Sure, some of these people are crazy

but most have just been traumatized

they’re far from barbaric savages

I’ve seen humanity in their eyes.

In the cradle of civilization

the west has been uncivilized

seeking fortunes untold

we sold our souls

the heart of Babylon was the prize.

We cut it out

we sliced it up

and it turned two rivers red

we sweetened it with milk and honey

now the hungry lion is fed.

Some lambs have toughened up now

and they’ve begun to eat their own

burning books of Arabic poetry

while adding diamonds to their throne.

A kingdom fueled with blood and oil

and the tears that mothers cry

new voice to sing

mend broken wings

Inshallah, one day they’ll fly.

Like in years of old

countless stories told

about gardens of plenty

I can see it now

all the fields they’ll plow

as I stare a thousand miles out to sea.

Stop feeding the lion

let the good lambs overcome the bad

give them medicine instead of bombs

and lets drop doctors on Baghdad.

Our tax dollars pay for war

they can certainly pay for peace

you’ve seen what cops do in America

should we really be the world’s police?

The world can’t breathe

and billions grieve

as the sun begins to set

take back your money

take back your fear

my soul you’ll never get.

I took it back

I got off track

I was 18 and naïve

now I work to atone my sins

my heart out on my sleeve.

The world’s unfair

and too few care

still sowing seeds of hate

but its not strange

thinking they can change

the hour’s not too late.

I work here in this garden

sowing seeds of love

the crows fly around

scaring off the hawks

protecting these precious doves.

About soitgoes1984

I live on a small island in the middle of the Pacific ocean in the Hawaiian Kingdom which is currently illegally occupied by the American government. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.
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