Miles Davis Cool At A Mile High: Ode To An Obstacle Race Construction Crew

September 2015

Miles Davis Cool At A Mile High:
Ode To An Obstacle Race Construction Crew

Part One:

Mile high
buy me another drink
about flying
spread wings like dead eagles
and sing
at the top of my lungs
peanuts and pretzels
bound for town
after town after
drown sorrows
seven dollar Jack Daniels
wearing boots for the flight
not sandals
so my feet ache
socks sweaty
boots caked
with mud from work
can’t pack them though
put me over the fifty pound limit
trim it
as much as I can
barley made it
past security
ran to the gate
just a few minutes late
for last call
but I heard the warning
and I just found out
that this new guy on the crew
missed it
and had to catch a later flight
because he pissed his pants
he’s Miles Davis-cool though
doing the pee-pee pants dance
in the airport stairwell
but that never ends well
and now we all land late
and in the wrong city
-except for Shitty…
he drove-
because a pregnant eagle met its fate
cracked our planes windshield
now we’ve emergency landed in Philly
still an hour to go
in bed before midnight
then a six am wake-up
so it goes…

Part Two:

On the last leg of the flight
my debit card won’t work
and I need a goddamn drink
I’m about to go berserk
but just then Tweak
buys me a round
because he knows
it’s been a rough week
straight up
no cola
or ice
it’s nice to work
with good people
fuck a steeple
I’m praying
to porcelain gods later
because after Tweak’s round
Bronson does me a favor
he hits me with a double
and after that
Gigs sends me
my next Jack
now I know I’m in trouble
because there’s an old lady
taking a shit
in the bathroom
and my leg is twitching
and switching to water
won’t help
because I’m not about to puke,
I’m about to join the new guy
in being Miles Davis-cool…

Part Three:

It’ll be high school
all over again
when Brad and Matty find out
and laugh their asses off
not with me
and I’ll be in a pissy mood
because it’s karma,
I laughed when the new guy
pissed his pants
and here I go
a mile high
and two-stepping
down the aisle
doing the pee-pee pants dance
about to become
Miles Davis-cool…

About soitgoes1984

I live on a small island in the middle of the Pacific ocean in the Hawaiian Kingdom which is currently illegally occupied by the American government. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.
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