We kiss the rings

of queens and kings

as jesters laugh

and hangmen sing

as peasants toil in the field

and taxmen sieze nine-tenths their yield

to give the king and queen more jewels…

Please question not,

these are the rules,

for it was written long ago

by God’s own hand,

for all to know.

Be thankful for the tenth you keep

as you safely in the kingdom sleep.

And when the king has want for more,

be honored he sends you to war

to serve your kingdom,

your king and queen!

And if you fight most gallantly

you will get a medal for all to see!

And if you die for your queen and king,

you peasant son may kiss their rings,

then in your memory, toil in the fields

to give the kingdom nine-tenths his yield.

And if he’s lucky he may fight

for his king and queen with all his might,

just like his father and his father before,

nine-tenths is not enough

when the king wants war.

He can serve his kingdom in foreign lands

and should he die,

there’ll be outstretched hands

with royal rings for his orphans to kiss…

cry not, son

for the father you miss.

A brave, brave man

he fought real hard,

this posthumous medal is his reward.

What do you mean, it’s not enough?

It’s a token of their royal love!

The king and queen have served you well

it’s not their fault your father fell.

He died a soldier, an honorable man

helping the kingdom to expand!

Here, look at this jester

and drink this mead

or we’ll punish you

for all to see!

You refuse to toil in the fields,

to give the kingdom

nine-tenths your yield?

Your greed has brought your family shame!

You’re laughing still, like its a game?

You say the king and queen aren’t fair?

How dare you when

their clothes you wear,

fields you toil in,

air you breathe,

fish you eat, from their royal sea!

To your family they have been too kind!

Now kiss their rings

and fall in line!

You have one last chance

to repent your greed,

to laugh at the jester

and drink this mead!


Now I’ll lead you

to the hangman’s tree!

Silence! Silence! All of you!

This treasonous talk is now through!

We’ve summoned the hangman

with his strong hemp rope,

your time is over

there is no hope!

Silence, I said

unless you wish to join

this man condemned for treason,

this greedy son of peasants

who left his field without reason!

What’s this? get your hands off me!

Guards, stop these peasants now!

This is madness, this is chaos!

They have fields that they must plow!


The king is dead?

So too, the queen?

The guards abandoned post?

Please help me, Mr. Hangman

I have always loved you most!

About soitgoes1984

I live on a small island in the middle of the Pacific ocean in the Hawaiian Kingdom which is currently illegally occupied by the American government. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.
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