on August 18th, there was a yellow bucket on a beach on Oahu’s North Shore. We picked it up, filled it with trash, and half-jokingly made a video which we posted to facebook the following day. An environmental activist and surfer in Hawaii saw the video, and made his own. His has been shared over 11,000 times. A man in Tunis, Tunisia saw the video and took the challenge, and his video has been shared OVER 60,000 TIMES so far on youtube! It’s spread around the globe in the past month, and there are so many amazing people being the change they want to see in the world…
please check it out, and take the challenge if you have the time, i hereby challenge you 🙂


(from Trash Bucket Challenge Facebook page)

Get a bucket (or bag). Go to a beach, park, or anywhere else, and pick up trash until the bucket is full. Properly dispose and recycle. Challenge friends.

We have a new challenge for YOU! #trashbucketchallenge. We had the good fortune to spend a beautiful weekend camping on the North Shore, and walk along some of the most pristine beaches. However, on our walks we came across the not so pretty sights of humanity: trash, trash, and more trash (not to mention plenty of dead fish that probably ate some of the trash). On our walk we FOUND a 5-gallon bucket on the beach and in less than 30 minutes filled it up to the brim. We challenge you to do the same, post a pic or video of yourself with a bucket (or bag) full of trash you picked up from either a beach, a park, neighborhood, or anywhere that can use a cleaning and properly dispose of it (meaning recycle what can be recycled and throw the rest in the garbage) Don’t forget to tag it: #trashbucketchallenge. Tell your family, tell students, tell your neighbors, let’s do this together, and let’s make a difference… It’s Earth Day, everyday. I challenge YOU! #trashbucketchallenge
#Reduce #Reuse #Recycle

and here is an article in my college newspaper this week:


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