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Dirty Pesos

We got into the van eight, maybe ten of us as the driver sped away from the harbor and into the dusk through downtown Cartagena and over one bridge after another until the city faded faster than the daylight and … Continue reading

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Tree Hugger

“I love you” I say to the tree. Silence, at first then a rustling of leaves but, I get it… of course it’s reciprocal. Then, “Just Breathe…” says the tree, softly “and know you are loved” and I breathe… and … Continue reading

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John Steinbeck Was On To Something…

I am the flower of life I am the entire universe one grain of sand and every star in the sky. a single cell and the sixty fourth tetrahedron There’s infinity outside of me but… infinity within and it’s a … Continue reading

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call me maybe?

Do you remember the kid burning ants with a magnifying glass and melting little toy soldiers at that pool party? He’s a lawyer now. And the kid that taught us how to smoke pot from an old soda can in … Continue reading

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Our Family (3/20/14)

Great Spirit, which IS everywhere your name is sacred. Paradise is here and now so help us manifest our will on earth, because this is heaven. Thank you for this organic bounty and for showing us that the strength is … Continue reading

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A Prayer to Saint Jim (3/20/14)

Kurt Cobain has been dead for twenty years now and the roosters crow and the dogs bark and time stops for no one. It feels like yesterday I was seventeen paying for gas with a jar full of pennies, getting … Continue reading

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Chickens (3/11/14)

“I love you” I say to the chicken. “Cluck, cluck” she replies. She loves me because I feed her but she’s ready to attack in a second, flat if I’m accidentally positioned between her and her chicks. The rooster tolerates … Continue reading

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Today I Picked Plumerias (3/10/14)

Today I picked Plumerias for an hour maybe a little longer one by one I dropped them into the wicker basket and of the roughly one thousand I picked all were beautiful and smelled of paradise and the whole process … Continue reading

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