January 21, 2014


We are a lost generation

chasing a GPA

chasing a resume

chasing six figure


drinking away reality

popping adderall

to block out the world

to write papers

on subjects we’re sick of

in major’s we were told

would land us six figure jobs

as long as we maintain that GPA

and volunteer to pad our resume

not to help humanity…

we have become self absorbed

thinking that the world needs us

thinking those six figure nine-to-five’s

will make us important

will make us happy

will allow us to buy


things that we don’t need

but that we think we should have

things that we think people will envy…

jobs we think that people will respect

we have been trained to trade our hearts

and our souls

and our consciences

for our ego

and for bank accounts

inflated with wheelbarrows full of monopoly money

and we are pro-choice

and we are pro-life

and we are democrats

and we are republicans

and we watch the news

and we vote


we think it matters

and we walk right by

the woman on main street

holding an empty coffee cup

begging change enough to get drunk

or high

but we see these same people

we walked by

as we help serve community meals

come Sunday

because corporations will like to see that

on our resume

and we can get better jobs

with fancy titles

and go to ivy league grad schools

where we will again take adderall

to write papers

on subjects we’re sick of

all so we can get new jobs

with even more important sounding titles

with coworkers who will join us

for dinner at over-priced restaurants

where underpaid undocumented immigrants

spend ten hour days cracking coconuts

peeling carrots

and carving out some semblance of an American dream

of an unwanted existence

in a country that sees them

as little more than a racist stereotype

and we will have our sports cars valet parked

by people of color who we just know we worked harder than

because we deserve all that we have,

our brownstone

our beach house

our Lexus

our boat

our six weeks paid vacation

and more than enough paid sick time

and our self-important six-figure jobs

without which the world would certainly cease to turn

and we frame our diplomas

and get upset

at homophobic duck hunters

and crooked New Jersey Politicians

and twerking teenage pop stars

and we spend eighty dollars on lift tickets

even though we don’t even like skiing

and we buy ten thousand dollar engagement blood diamonds

and we spend more on our weddings

than most people make in a year

doing jobs that disgust us

jobs our grandfathers

and their fathers

lived lives much happier than ours with

in homes built with their own two hands…

we have grown to view calluses as primitive

to view janitors

and plumbers

and construction workers

as beneath us

grown to see immigrant farm hands

and black and brown teenagers

and terrorists,

sorry i mean Arabs,

no, i mean wait, what’s the difference?

to view them all as less human than we are…

we deserve

no, no, no…we EARNED

everything we have

and the world is only unfair when our job gets outsourced

when we get laid off

or we never get the job we think we deserve to begin with

and we have to live in our parent’s basements

and sling six dollar lattes at starbucks

so we can barely pay the interest on student loans

that will keep us in debt until we die

and we dream of those six-figure nine-to-fives

that will get us that car

that house

that ring

that wedding

and that all important title

because we think that matters

because we always will think that matters

we will always think that I matter

always think there is no such thing as we…

think the individual is what’s important

not community

fuck humanity

fuck you

fuck “we”

I could feed the village with my gold

but I’d rather starve and look important

than open my arms

and break bread with my brothers and sisters

my “A” is worth less if I tutor you to the same grade

fuck humanity

fuck you

fuck “we”

it’s about ME…

why should I ache

when bombs blow apart the lives

of those i was taught to view as ‘other’

half a world away?

you should feel sorry for me…

I’m the one living in my parent’s basement

working at starbucks

drowning in student loan debt

does my 4.0 mean nothing to you?

does my resume with all that volunteer work

mean nothing to you?

do I mean nothing to you?


About soitgoes1984

I live on a small island in the middle of the Pacific ocean in the Hawaiian Kingdom which is currently illegally occupied by the American government. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.
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